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OverBooruAdmin: >Hi, this is the Director. Episode 3 was a Lawless City-Arc's final episode.
>Ummm... when I was drawing the storyboard, I realized about something... Or should I say something fell from the heavens.
>"Wait? Maybe it's time to show it.... It's natural to pull it in this story flow"
>Let me paint a picture. There is no characters that adversely affect the future of the story of the light novel on the screen. Hmmm... Looks like it's doable... Wait... Maybe we are changing it too much... But since I came up with the idea, might as well draw it and show it to Daisuke-sensei. If we get rejected, I'm going to fix it...
>Long story short, the idea was accepted. So thank you Nazuka-san (Aurora's VA). Yamashita-san (Shadow's VA) teaching Nazuka-san how to say *it* was a funny sight to see. But let's keep it a secret.
>We have another topic. Many people might be thinking "Why is it on the left arm?". Well... this is... um... haha. Well in the light novel's ___ the ____ is ____... and that __ is "____" with ___. This time it was "____'s __" "____'s __". We asked the author about ____ but he replied
>"I had no such intentions to make it like this at that time."
>Yes. I expected this answer. So now we are told to do whatever we want to do and maybe this _____________. So we decided to make the ____ on the left arm.
>In terms of Evil eye contents, it's true that it's harder to understand it, but to make the story after this easy to understand, it must be done.
>We still have problems left but next episode is a new story! That voice... Is that...
>PS: Elizabeth is voiced by Saori Hayami-san.
>This character called Elizabeth is only explained by other characters through their flashbacks. Even in the light novel. Actually she has no single phrase. There is no problem with that... Wait, if she doesn't speak, the last battle is going to end up like the Lindvurm arc... So we decided to make her say a phrase and make it understandable to the audience what kind of character she is... Well I'm sure she is a "good person". And I wanted her to sound like a "good person", so I asked Hayami-san to voice over Elizabeth.