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OverBooruAdmin: Overlord Volume 16 where

Overlord Volume 15 where

Overlord Volume 14 where

Chapter 4 P1

Chapter 4 P2

Chapter 4 P3

Chapter 4 P4

Chapter 4 P5 Chapter 5 P1,2

Chapter 5 P3 + Epilogue

The translator's tripcode:

> Hitori !!uIIzC9+wOLl

accept no substitutes.

> Mini-FAQs:

>Q: Where character sheets and afterword?
>A: Still need some work, will release whenever

>Q: When final version?
>A: Some time in October. The current PDFs and EPUBs are still a bit rough

>Q: Where to send feedback?
>A: As always:

Other links:

Google drive with volumes 1-14,side stories,drama cd's etc.

Vol 16 RAW image format

Suggested Volume theme

Currently active Overlord threads on 4chan

Older links for the sake of reference:

ZZ fight
ZZ fight alt version
Afterword Volume 15/16