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OverBooruAdmin: Overlord Volume 16 where

Overlord Volume 15 where

Overlord Volume 14 where

*** Hitori translation would be here when available ***

For now, it's only bits and pieces and the translation is rough

ZZ fight

ZZ fight alt version

Afterword Volume 15/16

Vol 16 RAW image format

The translator's tripcode:

> Hitori !!uIIzC9+wOLl

accept no substitutes.

> Mini-FAQs:

> Q: V16 next week?
> A: Yes


> Q: Are you still looking for JP-EN TLers?
> A: Yes, the team has expanded but we still need more people due to schedule conflicts among members. If you're offering MTL, please don't apply. If you wish to be a proofreader, you need a decent grasp of JP. Also I can't believe I have to say're not applying for a paid position.

> Q: So is it JP-EN now?
> A: Yes

> Q: Do you have your book?
> A: Yes. Thank you to those who sent pictures and links to the email. There's no need for those anymore so you guys can stop.

> Q: Schedule?
> A: Every Saturday night burger time

> Consider this an open call for anyone in the community willing and capable of translating JP-EN. Those interested can send an email to


Other links:

Google drive with volumes 1-14,side stories,drama cd's etc.

Suggested Volume theme